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CESMII regional seminar a huge success!

CESMII Seminar held at UofL

The Conn Center was pleased to host a seminar from the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute (CESMII) at UofL for about 50 industry partners. The seminar, which featured members of the Southern Regional Manufacturing Center, highlighted information and operations technologies built on the open SM Platform ™ to create radically smarter, more productive, and energy-efficient production systems and domestic supply chains across American industry.

The seminar coincides with center funding by CESMII and the Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office to incorporate state-of-the-art monitoring, simulation, and control systems for Portland Cement production. This partnership is being led Dr. W. Mark McGinley, Endowed Chair in Infrastructure Research and Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering in UofL’s JB Speed School of Engineering and includes Drs. Mahendra Sunkara and Thad Druffel of Conn Center as well as Drs. Aly Farag and Michael McIntyre, Professors of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

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