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Hank Conn inducted into Entrepreneurial Circle of Fame

Hank and Rebecca Conn, center benefactors, at the UofL College of Business Entrepreneurial Circle of Fame.

Conn Center benefactor Hank Conn was honored in November by the UofL College of Business, which inducted him into their Entrepreneurial Circle of Fame.

Conn earned his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Speed School in 1966, and MBA from COB in 1969, and a Master of Engineering from Speed in 1972. Since 1983, he has been involved in more than 25 startups.

Conn’s storied 50+ year career is marked by outstanding achievements in total quality management, business process reengineering, and change management that has enabled clients worldwide gain and sustain competitive advantage.

Hank continues to work hand in hand with the Conn Center to ensure our strategy and mission remain focused on innovation driven entrepreneurship within renewable energy challenges.

Congratulations, Hank! 

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