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Find out about the MET!

Our capabilities and expertise in the MET Service Center help scientists and engineers from research institutions and industry produce and characterize several types of advanced materials.

The Materials and Energy Technologies (MET) Service Center enables the mission at Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research to advance lab scale renewable energy and energy efficiency innovations toward commercialization.

Advanced capabilities for device fabrication and testing in materials science focus on basic and applied science for energy storage, solar manufacturing R&D, biomass/biofuels, solar fuels, and power electronics. The MET Service Center maintains the instrumentation and prototyping facilities to characterize and build that which we create, and are available to industry.

The MET Service Center regularly collaborates with industrial clients for advanced level analyses on material science issues. While focused on renewable energy fields, we offer high-powered microscopy, spectroscopy, and the expertise from characterizing materials to prototyping and testing energy devices across industries.

Contact us today to discuss your success using our diverse set of resources.

Let your ingenuity become a reality!

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