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Students from Rock Academy in Shelbyville, KY take on environmental issues

A group of 80 middle school students from the Rock Academy at Shelby County West Middle School visited Conn Center recently to research “Conflicts of Natural Resources.”

Dr. Mahendra Sunkara, center, gives a lecture to students from The Rock Academy.

The students met with Conn Center director Mahendra Sunkara and assistant director Andrew Marsh to examine ways that energy production, food production, and environmental management affect quality of life in our modern society.

Following their visit, students worked in teams to develop art pieces and presentations on their findings for a student showcase at their school. Topics included the impact of coal mining and electrical generation, possibilities for industrial hemp cultivation, managing environmental fallout from industrial accidents, the effects of deforestation, and changing our generation energy profile through renewables.

Students from The Rock Academy showcase "Conflicts of Natural Resources" creations after visit to Conn Center.

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